Charlie's dad is trying to help Charlie step his game up, and decided some Warehouse Performance might be the thing to help kick it up a notch.

[Behind The Scenes] shoot with Wes Roberts, Warehourse Performance, and Primetime Crossfit. I happened to tag along with Wes as I wanted to try out a new DSLR cage (Gearbox GB-1) with my 5Dmk3 and smallHD DP4 - so here's some footage I shot from that day. Lenses: 24mm f.14 and 16-35mm f2.8 Music: Between the Walls by Efterklang

Testing out the Glidecam HD 2000 at Alex's Warehouse Performance. Just walking around trying to film these guys I was sweating like a champ! Kit: Canon 7D EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 Glidecam HD 2000 Tiffen filters Shot in Technicolor Cinestyle Profile Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and After Effects CS5 Colored in Magic Bullet Music: El Fin by Jemex