• Run down and back
  • Skip down and back
  • Back peddle down and back
  • Shuffle down and back
  • Karaoke down and back


  • PVC Pipe 30 Overhead Squats
  • M(65lbs) W(35lbs) 30 Squat Cleans or Med Ball Cleans
  • Bar Only Straight leg deadlift to a military press 30 reps
  • For Time: 50 Wall Balls


3 Rounds for Time

  • 4 down and back is one (Skipping) 50yards down and 50 yards back
  1. Gun Shop 10 reps with plate or D.B.  Bicep Curl, Tricep Extension, Presses, Upright Row then 30 regular Push ups

Once complete, time the 40 yard dash 3 Attempts.  Record all 3 forty yard times.