• Ankle Band Warm ups…they are on top of the Block lockers next to the clock
  • Shuffle 20 yards and back
  • Walking forwards with diagonal steps 20 yards back
  • Walking backwards with diagonal steps 20 yards and back
  • Fast shuffles 20 yards and back


Back Squat 30 reps with Bar 5x3

Straight Leg Deadlift 30 reps Bar only


Lunge Walk 25 yards with Plate M(45lbs) W(15-25lbs) for 200 yards

After 25 yards Gun Shop with (Plate or D.B. or Bar) *Modify by switching weights depending how difficult the movement is.

7 Bicep Curls

7 Tricep Extension

7 Military Press

7 Upright Rows

7 sit-ups or toes to bar, or knees to elbow