Shoulder circuit 20 reps
4 laps
AS/LS 10 reps each leg.

Warm up

3 rounds of 10reps

Push ups

Wall ball

Shuffles (shuffle on the turf between the 5 yard markings touch the lines with your hands.

Bench Press 100 reps
Men(65lbs-135) Woman(35lbs-95lbs)
Every time you stop 100 singles jump rope or 50 double unders.

Box step ups 3 each leg
EMOM (every minute on the minute)
7 minutes
M(45lb bar or Dumb bells up to 135lbs)
W(15lb bar or light dumb bells up to 65lbs) bar should be behind the neck

10 @ 20 yard sprints. Allow each athlete to sprint though 20 yards and then coast to down the track and then rest to full recovery then sprint back to where he started this will be 2 repetitions.

Stretch and Foam roll.