W.U. (Warm Up)

Foam Rolling  

Shoulder Circuit with rubber bands always internal and external rotations 30 reps

2 Minute Jump Rope

4 Rounds

Pistols to a box or tire (one legged squats)  20 reps 10 each leg

15 Push ups

10 Jump Squats

5 Pull ups

A.Strength Phase

15 Minutes [EMOM]

1 Heavy Front Squat (find a weight that one can work with for 15 minutes "every minute on the minute"[EMOM])

2 Hang Cleans Medium Heavy 


B.Endurance Strength Phase

15 minute time Cap

Over head Walking Lunges or at Body 200 Yards

Every 20 yards 20 Full Sit-Ups

Men(25lb-45lb plate) Women(Body weight or 25lb plate)