Warm Up



 Backsquat rep scheme for 2RM:

  • 50% x 5
  • 60% x 4
  • 75% x 3
  • 90% x 2
  • 100-110% x 2

*The percentages are based off of your 1RM. Rest 2 minutes between sets!

WOD: "Bring Sally Up"

This back squat WOD will be short, painful and FUN! We'll be doing the Rich Froning "Bring Sally Up" Challenge. If you don't know what this challenge is, check out that video link of Games athletes doing this Rx (135/95) ... notably Jason Khalipa (on the right in black) and Miranda Oldroyd (neon yellow). It's approximately three minutes. Rules are if you go big, and drop your bar... you finish the song out with air squats only... so choose your weights wisely to finish out the whole song!

Who's excited?!!