We waited this one out in hopes that the weather would prove for safer driving conditions, but today is claimed once again by Mother Nature.  The gym will be closed today.

We are have been brainstorming a "Winter Storm WOD" that will focus on what we missed the past two days.... and it's a doozy! So get in great mobility today, and feel free to choose a workout from the Travel WOD site that will work with what we have planned tomorrow.... 

Thursday, January 30th:

Warm Up



Backsquat rep scheme for 2RM:

  • 50% x 5
  • 60% x 4
  • 75% x 3
  • 90% x 2
  • 100-110% x 2

Winter Storm WOD

Clock starts:

"Bring Sally Up" Backsquat Challenge

At 8:00 minutes:

Begin 5 min AMRAP 

  • 10 Medball cleans
  • 20 Abmat situps

At 16:00:

TABATA of these movements, 4 rounds

  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Double Unders
  • Plank
  • Push-ups

** Reps will be scored based on total number of completed for ALL movements... not including "Bring Sally Up".