Happy Valentines Day to our AWESOME members! We love you!!  Now go lift something!

Happy Valentines Day to our AWESOME members! We love you!!

Now go lift something!


The gym will be closed tomorrow, February 15th. We will be at CrossFit Intrigue from 8am until approximately 2pm for the Mission Impossible Competition. Please come participate and/or cheer your fellow members/coaches! 

Have your goals ready to go for Monday! Jot 'em down! 

  • Gymnastics (pull-ups, toes to bar, handstands/handstand walks, ring dips, muscle-ups, rope climbs)
  • Strength (olympic lifts and power lifts)
  • Endurance

If you need help setting a goal, chat with a coach!

Excellent Reads

TABATA Times: The Case for Continuous Progression in CrossFit and in Life: Without a doubt one of our favorite articles.

"The continuous progression mindset means a consistent fitness lifestyle in which you’re cool with deadlifting 450 one month, and 452 the next. What’s that saying – life is a marathon, not a sprint."

CrossFit Invictus: How often should someone take a rest day?


CrossFit Invictus: Still hungry? Satiate yourself with these tips!


Open gym is an excellent time  for current members to come in and complete a WOD you've missed, a workout of your choosing, or practice a skill/technique. In preparation for The Open beginning on February 27th this year... every friday we will have an Open WOD programmed for you! This is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for the Open by challenging yourself, and compare your performance to past years' results! 


Warm Up



View this video of the Games Open WOD to perfect your movements. Click on the "Week 2" tab. 

Games Open WOD 13.2

  • Shoulder to Overhead, 5 reps (115/75)
  • Deadlift, 10 reps (115/75)
  • Box jumps, 15 reps (24"/20")

** The challenge here is the shoulder to overhead. You can strict press, push press or jerk the weight. However you do it, maintain a tight core, ensure your head is completely through the bar, and your elbows are locked out. Be safe, and good luck!!