Since it's Open Gym, here's a suggested Warm Up and Mobility:

Warm Up

  • Run or Row 400m
  • 25 Double-unders or 75 Single-unders
  • 10m Bear Crawl
  • 10m Crab Walk


  • 10x PVC Pass throughs
  • 5x PVC Halos each direction
  • 10x Banded or PVC Good mornings
  • Sampson stretch
  • Couch stretch

Skill:  Muscle-up Progression

Muscle-up Video from Barbell Shrugged

This is part one of Barbell Shrugged's Muscle-up techniqueWOD.

WOD:  Open 13.3

CrossFit Games Open Workout 13.3

Click the link and tab for Week 3.  Watch the video and review the standards for each movement.

  • 12 min AMRAP
  • 150 Wall Balls (Men - 20# to 10' target, Women - 14# to 9' target)
  • 90 Double-unders
  • 30 Muscle-ups

This workout has been part of the last two Opens and incorporates three movements you can almost guarantee will be part of this year's Open!  Compare to how you did last year or see how far you can go if it's your first attempt.