General WU

10-15 min warm up and stretch
then discuss workout and movements

go over overhead dumbbell lunge and use in warm up.
points of performance
hold dumbbells at full extension
maintain lockout throughout movement
one leg steps forward
keep heel of forward leg down
raise heel of back leg
lower torso until back knee touches the ground
forward shin remains relatively vertical
complete movement at full hip and knee extension


Squat Clean Thruster (8 MIN EMOM2 SCT building weight every min.)

record heaviest lift

Metcon (Time)

21 dumbbell thrusters 50/35/20/10
210 double unders / 420 singles
15 dumbbell thrusters 50/35/20/10
150 double unders / 300 singles
9 dumbbell thrusters 50/35/20/10
90 double unders / 180 singles