343 Fire Fighters Died ( Team Wall Ball or Individual 343) M(20lbs) W(10lbs)

Twin Towers 110 Stories Each. 1st Plane Crashes into the 80th Floor 18 minutes later 2nd Plane Crashes into the 60th Floor. (  2 Rounds of 1 Rope Climb 15ft then 80 Sit-Ups 1 Rope Climb 15ft then 60 Double Unders)

4 Plans; 1 at the Pentagon, 1 in Pennsylvania, 2 in New York ( 4 Rounds 1 Power Clean, 1 Ring Muscle Up or 1 Dip 1 Push-Up, 2 Handstand Push Ups or 2 Handstand Walk Ups or 2 Handstand Balance.

6 People Saved From The Towers Thousands were either severally injured or hospitalized. ( 6 Rounds)  Box Step Ups or Jump Over Down and Back is One Round.

Ground Zero

For the 18 minutes of silence between the plane crashes please find time to reflect and pray  during a 2 mile run or bike and as you embrace the freedom in your run or bike in this country that we live in, pray for the families that are currently being remembered for the 9/11 tragedy.  Also remember to pray for this country that we live in and may our prayers may not be to little, but be bold in asking and be patient for God's timing.