AD – AirDyne machine

FLR – Front Leaning Rest – plank position at the top of the push-up with scap

ula retracted, belly contracted towards spine, glutes active, and chin towards chest

COVP – Chin Over Vertical Plane – chin must travel over the bar to break the plane created by the pull-up bar that is perpendicular to the floor

CTB – Chest To Bar – chest makes contact with the bar at or below the clavicle on every rep

EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute – perform the work, and rest until the top of the next minute

TnG – Touch and Go – no pause between or during reps

S2O – Shoulder to Overhead

OHS – Overhead Squat

UB – unbroken – completed in a single set. depending on the movement, there may be pause between reps in an appropriate resting position, for example, front rack position or hanging from the bar.

BWT or BW – bodyweight

GHD – Glute-Ham Developer machine

KB – kettlebell

DB – dumbbell

AMRAP  - as many reps/rounds as possible during the specified timeframe or set.  this may be written as AMRAP (-x) for a set, indicating to go x reps short of failure for that set.

AFAP – As Fast As Possible

HSPU – Handstand Pushup, performed with feet against a wall

MU – Muscle-up on rings

DU – Double Under – jump rope passes under the feet twice with each jump

PC – Power Clean

PS – Power Snatch

PJ – Push Jerk

SJ – Split Jerk

HBBS – High Bar Back Squat – Barbell rests on top of the traps, as opposed to the Low Bar Back Squat, in which the barbell rests on the rear delts

Deficit – add additional range of motion to the movement